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COVID-19 Precautions

  • The home studio will be cleaned and sanitized before each session.

  • The photographer will be wearing cleaned/sanitized clothing, a face mask and sterile gloves during the session. The photographers hands will be cleaned and sanitized before coming in contact with clients.

  • Please leave shoes at entrance and wash your hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • A minimum of 24 hours between each session to allow for proper cleaning/ sanitizing of studio and props.

  • If photographer or anyone in/ near the home studio is feeling unwell/ Covid-19 symptoms the session will be cancelled/ rescheduled.

  • If the client or anyone that the client is in contact with is unwell/Covid-19 symptoms the photoshoot must be cancelled/ rescheduled.

  • There will be a limit to clients allowed into home studio. If the session is of just the newborn only one parents should be present. If the session is of newborn + family ONLY immediate family members will be allowed to enter.

  • It is advised that all adults and older children wear a mask when not being photographed.

  • Photographing newborns will require the photographer to touch the baby but will ask the parent to pick baby/ place baby down whenever possible to reduce any unnecessary contact.

  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 

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