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Newborn Prep Guide

Before the Shoot

  • Dress newborn in a diaper and zip up/ button up sleeper ONLY (nothing that goes over the head or will leave marks on the skin)

  • Please have a pacifier ready

  • If your baby uses a bottle, please have a couple on hand as he/she will likely need a mid-session top-up

  • If the session is taking place in your home, please have a cleared space to work in. This can be the living room, empty room, etc. Window light is not necessary as I will bring studio lighting.


What to Expect When I Arrive

  • As soon as I arrive at your house I will begin bringing in the props/ equipment to the designated area. It will take me about 30 mins to set up

  • Please feed your baby while I am setting up

  • Your baby will likely need a mid-session top up so have milk ready to go

Photoshoot Flow

The session will likely flow in the following order, depending on if the baby is sleepy or not

   1. Just the baby- unwrapped/outfit, the baby will be posed on a sturdy posing table with a fabric backdrop

   2. Prop-baskets/bowls etc.

   3. Parent/ sibling- if need be, we will do this portion first

What to Wear

If you have booked the family portion, please wear neutral colours, no patterns or logos. The main focus of these images is your beautiful new baby. We don't want any clothing to be distracting. Your hands/nails will be visible in the photos so please tidy up your hands and nails before the session.

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Congratulations on your new baby! He/she should be 2 weeks old or less at the time of the photoshoot for those sleepy poses. It is advised to book early to reserve your due date time frame to ensure space is available.  Please contact Shelby Aileen Photography once your baby is born to finalize the time and date of your session.

...Forget to book and your baby is older than 2 weeks?  That's ok too! It just means he/she might be more alert in the photos and will likely be wrapped/swaddled a bit more. 


Please Contact:

Shelby Schmauder

(778) 212-2797


When to Book


How long will the photoshoot take?
Typically my sessions are about 2-3 hours long. It depends on how many milk breaks we need to take if there are small siblings etc. Your newborn baby will lead the way.

What if my baby won't sleep/ settle?

I will do my best to make your baby comfortable and sleepy. If you have an alert little one, not to worry! We can get plenty of variety with him/her awake.

Do you provide outfits and props?

Yes, you bet. I have lots to choose from! You can select which colour tones you'd like and can pick which props, outfits, and materials you'd like to use during the session.

How far in advance should I book?

The earlier the better :) We will pencil your due date in to reserve your time.

Where does the session take place?

I bring my studio equipment, props, and lighting to you. All I need is an area in your living room or anywhere in your house, you have space.

How long does it take to see the final images?

After the session, I will first upload a proofing gallery for you to select your images. Once you have selected the images you'd like me to edit it will take 2-3 weeks to send the final gallery. 

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